2 Ways Tinting Your Windows Can Benefit Your Home

Most people associate tinted windows with businesses or cars; however, tinted windows can also work really well on homes. Here are the two main benefits that come with tinting the windows of your home. Increased Privacy During The Day It can be great to have big, picture windows in your home. However, the big downside to having a lot of great, big picture windows is that you have to cover them up with blinds during the day in order to get any privacy. Read More 

Replace Your Broken Windshield And Recycle The Glass

Don't let your old, broken windshield end up in a landfill. Approximately 13-14 million windshields are replaced every year which can have a significant impact on the environment. There are many ways to ensure that your windshield is properly recycled or cleverly repurposed to reduce your footprint on the earth. Some ways to recycle your old auto windshield include: Hand it over. If you are paying a glass technician to replace your car windshield, pay the extra fee to have them take the old windshield with them. Read More 

4 Contemporary Design Solutions To Consider For Your Window Replacement Projects

If you are planning on renovating your home, window replacement projects can give your many benefits. They can help you make your home energy efficient, as well as allow you to change design features. You may even want to consider replacing windows with designs that are more contemporary. Here are some contemporary design ideas that you may want to consider for your window replacement projects: 1. Make Glass Walls With Frameless Window Designs To Bring The Outside In Read More 

Tips For Replacing Your Broken Window Glass

If you have a crack in a small window, you might be able to repair it yourself if you have basic home improvement skills. The bigger the window, the harder it is to replace the glass since a big pane of glass is difficult to handle and work with. The easiest solution is to hire a professional to repair your window. You can remove the broken glass along with the frame and take the frame to a glass store to be fitted with glass, or you can hire someone to come to your home and do the repairs on the spot. Read More 

To Repair Or To Replace Auto Glass

What do you do when a projectile creates a chip in your windshield? You might be tempted to simply deal with the chip, but there are several reasons why a quick repair is a better option. If you don't want to end up replacing your windshield, then you should take your car in for repairs as soon as you are aware of damage.  It's Just a Chip A chip in auto glass can be defined as a small divot in the glass. Read More