Installing A Frameless Shower Door? 5 Design Tips To Help You Out

If you are thinking about installing a frameless shower door in your bathroom, you need to really think about the overall design approach that you are taking. A frameless shower door looks beautiful but requires advanced architecture designs.

Shower Design Tip #1: Use the Right Angles

When you design a frameless shower door, you need to be careful with your angles. You can't just make your shower any shape you want. You need to make sure that you use either 90-degree, 180-degree, or 135-degree angles. These are the three angles you want to use because these are angles that are used for the supporting hardware that you are going to need to use to create your shower.

Shower Design Tip #2: Consider Where Your Wall Studs Are

Next, you need to consider where the wall studs are in your wall. Your shower is going to need to be attached to the studs in your shower. When installing a frameless glass shower door, the best supporting option is a double-wall stud, not a single-wall stud.

Shower Design Tip #3: Think About the Shower Curb

You also need to consider what type of shower curb you want to install in the shower. With a frameless shower door, you can add either a flush shower curb that is even with the floor, or you can add a curb that you will have to step over.

A curb will help keep the water inside your shower. If you go with a flush curb, you just need to make sure that angle the floor so that the water will be direct towards the drain instead of leaking into the rest of your bathroom.

Shower Design Tip #4: Line the Soffits Up

The soffits run across the top of your shower. They are basically the eaves of your shower. When you install the soffits in your shower, you want to make sure that the soffits line up with the curb of your shower. This will give your shower a more polished effect.

Shower Design Tip #5: Think Carefully About the Placement of the Shower Head

Finally, you are going to want to make sure that you place the shower head correctly. You want the showerhead to be directed away from the door so that water isn't being directed right out the shower door. You also want the showerhead to be direct so that the water is hitting you and going downward.

When it comes to designing a frameless glass shower, be sure to pay attention to the details. You want to use the right angles, consider where the support stubs are in the wall, decide what type of shower curb you want, line up the soffit with the curb, and think carefully about where you put the shower head.