Myths Related To Windshield Repair And The Truth About Those Myths

If a flying rock or other piece of debris collides with your windshield, a crack or chip may appear. When this happens, you may do an Internet search to learn how to care for a damaged windshield or how to repair it. Unfortunately, there are many myths on the Internet related to windshield repair. Learning about these myths and the truth surrounding these myths will help you if you have a chip or crack. Here are a few myths related to auto glass windshield repair and the truth surrounding those myths.    

Placing Tape On a Crack Will Stop it From Growing One of the myths related to windshield repair is that you can stop a crack or chip from spreading if you place a clear piece of tape over the crack. Placing a clear piece of tape will not prevent a chip or crack from growing. However, placing a piece of clear tape over the chip or crack may be recommended if you live in an area with a lot of dirt and dust. The tape helps to keep dirt and dust out of the chip or crack, which helps the resin that is used during the repair process adhere properly. 

Parking Out of the Sun Stops a Crack From Growing Another myth related to windshield chips or cracks is that you can prevent the chip or crack from growing by keeping your car out of the sun. Sunlight and heat can cause a windshield chip or crack to grow. As such, it is recommended that you park in the shade as much as possible prior to having a repair made. However, the sun is not the only element that can cause a chip or crack to grow. The vibration of rough roads as you drive causes the chip or crack to grow as well. As such, parking in the shade is not a long term solution for a chip or crack. 

Home Repair Kits Contain the Same Material Auto Glass Repair Companies Use The final myth related to chips or cracks in auto glass is that home repair kits contain the same types of resins that auto glass repair companies use. This is incorrect. Home repair kits contain a different type of resin which does not typically last as long as the resin professional repair companies use. If you want your chip or crack repair to last, utilize the services offered by a professional company.

If you have a chip or crack in your windshield, you will want to contact a windshield glass repair company as quickly as possible. They can assess the damage and determine whether repair is possible or if you need to replace your windshield. Repairing damage to your windshield quickly is the best way to prevent a chip or crack from growing.