3 Design Tips For A Glass Shower Enclosure

A glass shower enclosure can look nice and can really open up your bathroom. When you add a glass shower enclosure to your bathroom, make sure you create a successful design that will really show off the space.

The Wall of the Shower

First, you need to think about the wall of your glass shower. You need to choose a material that will look good, when viewed through glass. One of the most popular materials to use on the walls of the shower are glass tiles. Glass tiles come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, which is why it is a popular material for glass shower enclosures.

You can use other material as well, such as marble or regular tiles. Marble and tile look really nice, because they are higher-quality materials than glass tile. Marble and tile can give your bathroom a more polished and professional look.

The key though is to pick a color and a design that fits with the overall feeling of the bathroom of your home. You want the walls of the shower to fit with your overall design.

The Location of the Shower Head

Second, you need to determine where you want the shower head to go. Do you want the shower head to be on the wall, like a normal shower head? Do you want the shower head to be placed overhead?

You need to consider how much space you want the water spray to take-up in your shower. Do you want the spray to be really focused or really wide? Do you want the water to hit you at an angle, or do you want the water to come down from the ceiling? This is your opportunity to create the shower experience you want.

Built-In Accessories

Finally, think about the accessories that you want in your shower.

Do you want to be able to sit down? If so, add a shower seat to your shower. Just make sure the design of the seat slopes toward the drain. This will prevent water from accumulating on the seat and will help keep your shower fresh.

Do you want to have space to store your soaps? If so, add in storage space to your shower. You can add recessed shower storage to your shower. Think about the size of the soap and containers that you use in the shower, and create storage spaces that are able to accommodate the products you use in the shower.  

When designing a shower, you need to think about more than the glass. Consider what you want the walls of the shower to look like, where you want the shower head to be located, and what built-in accessories you want to include.