Window Film Enhances Security For Your Jewelry Store While Blocking UV Rays

When you run a jewelry store, you need all the security you can afford. You want a store with large windows so people passing by can see your beautiful jewelry selections, but you also need to protect the glass against intruders. One solution to this problem is security film, and the film is much more attractive than having bars on the windows during shopping hours. Here's how security film works and the other benefits this window film provides a jewelry store.

Window Film Prevents Window Smashing

Security window film is useful for your store because it prevents intruders from easily shattering glass and gaining access to your jewelry. This is possible because the film is tough and difficult to puncture or rip. While the glass of the window may crack if an intruder hits against it with enough force, the cracked pieces will be held together in the frame so entry to your store is blocked. Another thing to consider is that storms can smash windows too, but security film protects against this danger by holding glass in place when wind blows debris against your windows. This keeps wind out of your store and prevents looting after the storm.

Window Film Enhances The Shopping Experience

Commercial window film can be clear or tinted, but both varieties can block UV rays from the sun. This helps the temperature in your store stay consistent so display cases near the windows aren't hotter than areas further inside your store. Plus, glare will be blocked so you don't have to worry about sun and glare interfering with your customers' ability to view jewelry. With glare removed, stones and jewelry will show in their true colors for a better shopping experience.

Window Film Prevents UV Damage

If your jewelry store is well appointed with velvet case liners and expensive rugs, or if there are leather cases by the windows, then these items could be damaged by the sun shining through the glass all day. This problem is eliminated by window film since the film reflects UV rays that can fade fabrics.

Commercial window film has many good uses for a jewelry store. It keeps your inventory safe from intruders while protecting it from sun damage. In addition, the film helps your store stay more comfortable for shoppers and employees who won't have to struggle with solar-heated hot spots or glare on computer screens. The film can be applied on existing windows in a way that makes it blend in and become invisible so the film won't make your establishment look unprofessional. You can even choose tinted film if you want a more dramatic appearance for your store.