Four Tips To Make Your Restaurant’s Glass Front Door Look More Upscale

Having a glass front door is pretty typical for many businesses, including restaurants. If your restaurant is a bit more upscale and high-end, however, you may not want to have the same look that all of the casual and fast food restaurants in your area have. Luckily, you do not have to abandon the idea of having a glass front door just so that you can achieve a more high-end look for your establishment. Instead, consider these tips for making your nice restaurant's front look look more upscale. 

1. Change Out the Hardware 

For one thing, if your glass door has standard, industrial-looking hardware, you might want to make some changes. For example, having someone from a business that specializes in commercial glass replace your existing hinges and glass door handles with something a bit fancier or something that has a vintage look can be a good way to make your door look just as high-end as the rest of your establishment. Plus, simply swapping out the glass door hardware will probably be a whole lot more affordable than completely replacing the door, so it's a good way to improve your building's look without going over your budget.

2. Frost or Tint the Glass

Another change that you might want to make is to frost or tint the glass on your front door. This can help you maintain a darker and more upscale atmosphere inside the restaurant and can add to the element of surprise and mystery, since people will probably want to know what is going on beyond that door. Someone from a commercial glass company should be able to help you with this.

3. Be Careful About Signage and Decals

Many restaurants have various signs, decals, and stickers on their glass front doors. Even though this might work just fine for some aesthetics, it might not put off the high-end appearance that you are hoping to. Keeping these things to a minimum on your door and carefully choosing the right signage can help you maintain an upscale look while still providing the information that people are looking for, such as your restaurant's name and phone number.

4. Keep it Clean

A dirty glass front door is not going to look very nice and can really take away from your restaurant's upscale aesthetic. Therefore, it's a good idea to clean the front door on a regular basis to make sure that it looks great.