4 Benefits Of Impact Windows For Your Business

Are you tired of hurricanes destroying your business or having to prepare before one hits? If so, you need to consider impact windows for your business. These hurricane windows can withstand the powerful winds and flying debris of dangerous weather conditions. Check out these four benefits of getting impact windows for your business.

Better Window Strength

Impact glass is stronger than other types of glass. Like your car's windshield, it is formed with layers of tempered glass and another layer of a special resin between the panes of glass. Of course, glass is still vulnerable, so if a large piece of debris hits the window, it may break. The benefit to impact windows, however, is that layer of resin. Instead of letting the window completely shatter, allowing anyone and anything to get inside your business, the resin holds it together as one piece. The window will need to be replaced, but the inside of your business stays safe.

Eliminates the Need for Shutters

A huge benefit of these strong windows is they eliminate the need for shutters. If you have hurricane shutters, you likely need to install them right before the storm hits. However, if you install them too soon, you may lose business. If the hurricane hits before it is supposed to, or if there is no warning, you may not even have time to protect your business. With impact windows, you can don't even need to worry about the shutters, giving you more time to worry about other concerns.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Your business insurance company will reward you for getting impact windows. This is because they save the insurance company money. If your business is destroyed, the insurance must pay all those costs. However, with impact windows, they may only need to replace the window. Therefore, they will reward you with lower insurance premiums. Owning hurricane shutters alone may not lower your insurance premiums, because if you don't install them before the storm, they are useless.

Improved Energy Savings

As an added benefit, impact windows are energy efficient. One reason for this is the double sheets of glass. They do a better job of stopping heat from transferring through the glass, keeping your business warmer or cooler when needed. Also, impact windows are crafted well. They must be to withstand heavy winds.

Hurricane windows are a great way to protect your business, and once they are installed, you don't need to worry about hanging shutters or preparing your windows for a storm. For more information, contact an impact window provider in your area today.