Keeping Your Aluminum Door Frames In Good Condition

When it comes to the security of your business, the quality of your doors play a critical role. Many commercial spaces rely on doors that have an aluminum frame. These lightweight doors are great for your company's aesthetic, but they can serve as a weak point that allows criminals unlawful entry into your building when they become damaged over time.

Here are three tips that you can use to keep your aluminum door frames in good condition in the future.

1. Avoid using de-icing salt directly near the door.

While eliminating the buildup of ice on your company's entry is important when it comes to preventing injuries, it's important that you recognize the potential damage your could be causing to your door frames when you use de-icing salt.

The chemical compounds in de-icing salt not only melt ice from the surface of your company's sidewalk, they can also cause the aluminum used to create your door frames to begin deteriorating. As the aluminum corrodes, it becomes weak and leaves your door less secure.

By taking caution not to allow de-icing products to come into contact with your door frames, you can prevent serious corrosion from compromising the safety and security of your aluminum doors in the future.

2. Paint your aluminum door frames regularly.

As customers and employees use your company's doors on a daily basis, the surface paint covering the aluminum door frames can become scratched or marred. These forms of damage are not only aesthetically unpleasant, they can lead to serious damage to the door frames as well.

If the surface of the paint covering your aluminum door frames doesn't remain intact, moisture can seep underneath the paint and begin to corrode the aluminum below. Taking the time to regularly paint your door frames can be a simple and effective way to prevent corrosion from compromising their beauty and function.

3. Repair damaged areas quickly.

If you notice a dent or rusted area in your aluminum door frame, you should call a professional, such as Caplan Bros Inc, to repair these signs of damage as quickly as possible. Dents can compromise the structural integrity of your door, leaving the aluminum soft and susceptible to further damage in the future.

Rusted areas should be removed and replaced with fresh aluminum to avoid the spread of the corrosion. Having a professional make routine repairs will keep your aluminum door frames in good condition over time.

Being able to properly care for your aluminum door frames is essential when it comes to keeping your building secure. Avoid contact with de-icing salt, apply fresh paint regularly, and make repairs quickly to keep your aluminum door frames intact.