Three Myths About Repairing Auto Glass

A damaged windshield can be among the more frequent issues that you might have to address when it concerns your car. This should not come as a particularly large surprise as it is possible for debris from the road to strike the glass and damage it. Unfortunately, there are some drivers that lack a basic understanding about this problem, which can make them more susceptible to giving credit to some of the more common misconceptions concerning windshield repairs.

Myth: A Cracked Or Chipped Windshield Will Always Need To Be Replaced

When debris from the road strikes your windshield, it can crack or chip the glass. Sadly, some individuals make the assumption that this type of damage will have to be repaired by replacing the windshield. However, this is not always necessary to correct this damage. If the crack is not particularly deep, it might be possible to repair the damage by applying a resin to the crack. This resin will dry to closely resemble the rest of the glass in your windshield, and it will provide the structural support needed to prevent the crack from spreading.  

Myth: You Will Have To Pay Expensive Fees For Having Auto Glass Repaired

It can be a routine mistake for some people to assume that they will have to pay out of their own pockets to have their windshield repaired. Luckily, there are many auto insurance policies that will provide individuals with coverage for these repairs. This is due to the inherent safety risks that a compromised windshield can pose as well as the fact that individuals may be more likely to wreck if they have a distracting crack obstructing their vision. However, each insurance company will treat this type of repair differently, and you should always consult with your insurance policy or speak with your insurance agent to verify coverage before you schedule this type of repair.

Myth: Windshield Repairs Must Be Done At An Auto Repair Facility

Concerns about having to spend a day waiting at the auto shop for your windshield to be repaired can be another factor that might discourage you from having this important repair done. Yet, this is not necessary as many auto glass repair services will provide mobile options. When you use a mobile windshield repair service, these professionals will schedule to meet you at your home or place of work to do this repair, which can allow you to enjoy the benefits of a repaired windshield without having to suffer this inconvenience.

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