Seven Ways Window Films Improve Your Life

Window tinting is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways of upgrading your home. While most people assume that window tinting is carried out solely for the purpose of improving the aesthetics of a home, the process actually provides a wide variety of other benefits too.

Although different products provide slightly different benefits, most window films offer the following benefits:

  1. Window tinting will help protect your furniture, appliances and other belongings from the sun's ultraviolet radiation. While regular glass windows absorb most of the ultraviolet radiation shining down on them, some of it gets through, which can cause your furniture to become discolored. UV-blocking films eliminate this problem entirely.  
  2. Some window films provide protection against shattering. When residential windows break, they often send hundreds or thousands of tiny glass shards flying through the air. Many window films help eliminate this problem by keeping the numerous glass pieces together. This also helps to expedite the cleanup process.
  3. Some window films reduce the chances of birds flying into your windows. Birds typically fly into windows because they mistake the reflection for wide-open land; some window tints reduce or eliminate these reflections entirely, thereby keeping the birds around your home safe.
  4. Dark or reflective films reduce your energy costs. Dark or reflective window tints send the bulk of the sun's energy radiating away from the home. This keeps your home cooler, which helps reduce your cooling costs. Additionally, some films help to reduce the amount of heat that escapes through the windows in the winter, thereby lowering your heating costs. 
  5. Window tint can improve your view of the television. If the afternoon sun bathes your living room in light, it can create a distracting glare on your TV screen. By blocking a significant portion of the sun's rays, window films can essentially eliminate this problem.
  6. They provide privacy without compromising your view. Covering your windows with blinds, shutters or curtains defeats the entire point of having a window; while they keep others from seeing into your home, these items block your view of the outside world. Dark or reflective window films, by contrast, prevent people from looking into your home, while still allowing you to see outside.
  7. They provide a number of options for customizing your home's appearance. Window films come in several different varieties. Some are reflective and mirror-like, while others can give your windows a matte, black appearance. Frosted and decorative films are also available to give your home a truly unique aesthetic. 

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