Tips For Giving A Small Bathroom And Airy Ambience

Small bathrooms present many challenges, such as limited storage and maneuvering space. However, small bathrooms also have a tendency to feel dark. This makes them feel even more cramped. Open up the visual space in your bathroom to create an airy ambiance.

Opt for More Glass

Glass does two things for a small area. First, it opens up the visual space, making it appear larger. Second, glass reflects light, offering that airy ambiance. Choose a glass shower enclosure over a traditional curtain. Likewise, consider having glass tiles installed in the enclosure itself—glass tiles glitter even when dry. Likewise, opt for a mirrored medicine cabinet or a large mirror over the sink.

Extend a Window

In that same vein, a larger window also allows more light into your small bathroom. If possible, extend the window in your bathroom or even add another one. Consider extending the window vertically instead of horizontally. Have contractors install transom windows over existing windows. When choosing window treatments, keep them minimal to let as much light come through as possible.

Customize the Shower Enclosure

First off, consider getting rid of the tub, which takes up a lot of visual and actual space. Instead, replace it with a custom shower enclosure. For example, consider placing a luxurious walk-in shower in a corner. Contractors can use a neo-angled base to maximize the space, allowing it to extend into the bathroom unobtrusively. Likewise, have the walk-in shower enclosed with seamless glass walls for added light reflection back into your bathroom.

Use a Light Palette

Dark colors and heavy patterns soak up the light. Therefore, lighten up your overall palette. Start with a light neutral color, such as eggshell or creamy yellow. Additionally, keep accenting light, even opting for white. If you add pattern in wallpaper or tile work, keep the colors light and the pattern small. Finally, if you add bright color, utilize translucent materials, such as a glass vessel sink or glass tile border.

Install a Pedestal Sink

A traditional vanity can make a small bathroom feel closed in. Instead, Better Homes and Gardens suggests having a pedestal sink installed. The delicate lines of the pedestal open up the visual space in your bathroom. For storage, flank the sink with tall, narrow cabinets. Add glass-front doors for added light refraction into your small bathroom.

Layer the Lighting

Omit shadows in your small bathroom with layers of lighting. In addition to an overhead light, have task lighting installed. Flank your medicine cabinet with pendant lights. Likewise, consider adding a recessed light above your shower stall.