3 Ways To Upgrade The Windows In Your Home For Improved Energy Efficiency And Performance

If you want to get more from the windows in your home, there are many different improvements that you may be considering. This can be replacements, which can be installed in existing casings, or other solutions like films and glass replacement. You may even want to consider installing storm windows. Here are some window upgrades that you may want to consider for your home: 1. Improving Window Performance With The Addition Of Film Read More 

Popped Plastic And Jiggled Glass: What To Do When Your Windows Are Askew

Every so often, a residential window pops apart at its seams. It leaves your glass cockeyed and the frame in a really awkward and unmovable position. This is actually an emergency situation, since the glass and frame leave your home exposed to animals, insects, and bad weather. If you cannot get someone to come out for residential window repair services right away, here are a few things you can do to remedy this situation temporarily. Read More 

Three Common Mistakes Drivers Make With A Cracked Windshield

You have probably experienced a crack in your windshield or know someone who has. Cracks can occur due to weather, rocks, and other debris. For many drivers, a small crack does not mean a lot. In fact, some drivers even choose not to repair the crack at all. Unfortunately, a cracked windshield can pose a major safety issue as it distracts the driver when they need to focus on the road. Read More 

Three Myths About Repairing Auto Glass

A damaged windshield can be among the more frequent issues that you might have to address when it concerns your car. This should not come as a particularly large surprise as it is possible for debris from the road to strike the glass and damage it. Unfortunately, there are some drivers that lack a basic understanding about this problem, which can make them more susceptible to giving credit to some of the more common misconceptions concerning windshield repairs. Read More 

Seven Ways Window Films Improve Your Life

Window tinting is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways of upgrading your home. While most people assume that window tinting is carried out solely for the purpose of improving the aesthetics of a home, the process actually provides a wide variety of other benefits too. Although different products provide slightly different benefits, most window films offer the following benefits: Window tinting will help protect your furniture, appliances and other belongings from the sun's ultraviolet radiation. Read More