About Your Car Windows And Damage

Auto glass is important to your car and your safety for many reasons. The windshield prevents things from flying at your face while you drive and it also acts as a support for the top of the car to prevent the roof of the car from completely collapsing in the case of a rollover. The windows prevent people from being able to get in the car to steal things out of it, prevent animals from getting in the car, protect the car during rain and snow, and help you control the temperature inside of the car. Read More 

Installing A Frameless Shower Door? 5 Design Tips To Help You Out

If you are thinking about installing a frameless shower door in your bathroom, you need to really think about the overall design approach that you are taking. A frameless shower door looks beautiful but requires advanced architecture designs. Shower Design Tip #1: Use the Right Angles When you design a frameless shower door, you need to be careful with your angles. You can't just make your shower any shape you want. Read More 

How To Tell That Your Windshield Is Broken, Even When You Can’t See It

In most instances, you can see where your windshield is broken and that you need windshield repair. However, there are times when you either cannot see the damage or you think the damage is not that severe. Here is how to tell that your windshield is broken, even when you cannot see it, and how to recognize when the damage is more severe and should be repaired right away.  It Rains, and You Have Dripping Water on Your Dash Read More 

Myths Related To Windshield Repair And The Truth About Those Myths

If a flying rock or other piece of debris collides with your windshield, a crack or chip may appear. When this happens, you may do an Internet search to learn how to care for a damaged windshield or how to repair it. Unfortunately, there are many myths on the Internet related to windshield repair. Learning about these myths and the truth surrounding these myths will help you if you have a chip or crack. Read More 

3 Design Tips For A Glass Shower Enclosure

A glass shower enclosure can look nice and can really open up your bathroom. When you add a glass shower enclosure to your bathroom, make sure you create a successful design that will really show off the space. The Wall of the Shower First, you need to think about the wall of your glass shower. You need to choose a material that will look good, when viewed through glass. One of the most popular materials to use on the walls of the shower are glass tiles. Read More