Bathroom Fun – Painting The Glass Enclosure With The Kids

Keeping things fun around the house can be difficult when you have kids around. Well, that glass shower enclosure that you've had installed by glass installation services has just opened a door to new creative fun – painting on glass!

Select the Paint

The best temporary paint for a project such as this is basic acrylic crafting paint. This paint will come off without much work. If you were to opt for the more expensive acrylic paints made for painting glass, you'd be looking at a huge project when the time comes to remove the paint.

You don't need to buy a whole bunch of paint to work with. Instead, buy the primary colors, as well as black and white. These colors can be blended together to create just about any color on the spectrum – it can be a fun, teachable moment as your kids work to figure out which colors to mix to get the color that they want to work with.

Select the Brushes

Synthetic bristled brushes will do the well for this project. Pick up a variety pack that supplies you with several different sizes. Synthetic bristled brushes will apply the paint smoothly and will wash out pretty easily.

Plan the Design

Have the kids sit down and draw up a sketch of what they'd like to put on the shower enclosure. If the design is intricate, your kids may want to use a bar of white soap to draw the outline on the door before they begin painting.

Prep the Surface

Before you paint, clean the enclosure entirely. You don't want to paint over soap scum or any other debris stuck to the glass.

If the towel that you've cleaned with has left lint behind, get a clean, dry coffee filter and go over the glass. This will pick up the lint and remove any smears that remain.

Get Painting

Paint the glass with as much enthusiasm as you can muster. The kids will have so much fun creating all sorts of designs. You can cover the floor to protect it or just clean up the mess after it's been made – this paint is completely washable and will come off of most surfaces.

Remove the Paint

When you're ready to remove the paint, roll an old towel and place it at the base of the shower glass. Soak the glass with window cleaner and let it soak. Return to spray it and begin washing it off. The old towel will catch the paint-filled cleaner and prevent it from making a mess all over the floor.

Once the paint is gone, clean the glass and your enclosure will look as it did before the fun began. This type of painting can be done on all of the glass that you have around the house. Just remember to protect the flooring during the painting and clean-up process.