Exposing Common Misconceptions About Windshield Damages

The windshield on your vehicle may be one of the parts of the car that you rarely think about. However, it is a part of your car that is subjected to staggering amounts of stresses. Not surprisingly, this glass can develop cracks or chips, and while this is a common issue, it is important for car owners to be informed about two common myths concerning this routine type of auto damage. Discovering the truth about these notions may make it easier for you to make sound choices for addressing your car's windshield damage.  

Myth: You Only Need To Have Major Cracks And Chips Repaired

Many windshield cracks start as extremely small blemishes on the glass. As a result, it is a common mistake for drivers to assume that these small cracks will not need to be repaired. While the crack may not be directly inhibiting your ability to see, it should be noted that glass cracks can rapidly spread. This occurs due to the thermal expansion of the glass in response to temperature changes as well as water seeping into the crack and forcing it to spread wider. Due to these realities, you should have minor cracks addressed as soon as possible to avoid needing to completely replace the windshield.

Myth: It Is Expensive And Inconvenient To Have A Windshield Replaced

In instances where the glass has suffered cracks that are too severe to be repaired, it may be necessary to completely replace the windshield. Sadly, some car owners may delay this work due to concerns that it will be extremely inconvenient and expensive for them to have done. Luckily, if your car's windshield is needing to be replaced, it is possible to work with mobile glass replacement professionals, and this type of repair is often covered under most insurance plans. These individuals can come to your home or business to perform this routine repair. However, you should be aware of the fact that you will be advised against driving the car for at least a couple of hours after the windshield has been installed, and this is done to ensure that it properly bonds to the car.

Understanding that small cracks can rapidly spread across the windshield and that it is possible to use convenient mobile repair options will help you to better oversee having this repair done to your vehicle. Contact a class company like Econo Glass Company for more information.