Why Chipped & Cracked Car Windows Should Be Professionally Repaired

Did you purchase a repair kit to fix the chips and cracks that are in some of your car windows? It would be wiser for you to get the windows examined by a glass technician in case you need to get new ones installed for your safety. Take a look at the information in this article to get a general idea of why it is not in your best interest to attempt repairing the chipped and cracked car windows on your own.

A Bad Repair Can Affect the Impact of a Collision

If you have any chips or cracks in the windshield, you should definitely get it inspected by a glass specialist. Certain types of damage to a windshield can have an effect on the strength of it in a collision, such as whether it will shatter or not. Large or deep cracks in a windshield can also cause you to feel a greater impact in an accident, rather than some of the impact going into the chassis (hood area of the car). The windshield is an important part of the structural integrity of your car and can keep the roof stable if your car rolls over.

Spider Web Chips Must Be Properly Repaired

Spider web chips are difficult to repair without the right kind of skills. The reason is due to the chips having multiple small cracks that stem off of the main chip. You might be able to successfully repair the main chip, but the small cracks will likely remain in the glass. You should not leave a spider web chip improperly repaired because the small cracks will begin to get longer. The smallest object can hit and quickly shatter a window that has spider web cracks.

Your View Might Not Be As Clear

It is important for glass to auto glass to be repaired to the extent that it looks new, especially in the areas of the windows that you look out of when backing up or the windshield. A repair of a bad quality can leave you with areas of glass that are blurry and interfere with your view. If a glass specialist is unable to repair chips and cracks to a new condition with polymer, he or she is likely to suggest getting new windows. Visit a glass repair specialist like Martin Glass Company to find out if getting your damaged car windows replaced is the best thing for you to do.