How To Keep Your Windshield Clean

Maintaining your vehicle is more than just washing the body and taking it to be serviced; you also need to keep the windshield clean. This helps to avoid a buildup of debris and makes it easier to drive when you can see clearly. Here are some easy tips for keeping the windshield clean.

Clean Regularly With Glass Cleaner

The more often you clean the windshield, the better off you will be. Routine cleaning with a basic glass cleaner helps to reduce dirt, dust, and debris. This prevents buildup, which tends to be a lot more difficult to remove from the windows. Every time you wash your car, make sure you take time to wash the windows as well. Wash the inside and outside of the windows thoroughly. Make sure you are using a glass cleaner, instead of just using regular car soap. Rolling down the windows halfway is a good way to start cleaning them, but roll them up to finish the job.

Clean the Glass Under the Right Conditions

When you are cleaning auto glass, it is important that you do this under the right conditions. First of all, don't clean the glass on a hot day when the sun is directly above you. Try to find a shaded area if you can't avoid the sun completely. Washing the windows in a garage is an even better idea since they will remain cool until you are finished. Direct sunlight and a lot of heat can cause the window cleaner to start drying before you wipe it away, which leaves behind spots and streaks. If you don't have a garage or shaded area, wash the windows early in the morning or late in the evening.

Try Using Cola to Remove Buildup

Believe it or not, cola is one of the best things to use when you are removing buildup from the windows. If you have not cleaned the windows in a while, they might have some dirt buildup to remove. You don't want to use any chemicals that are too harsh or abrasive materials; otherwise, you could crack the window and then need glass repairs. To avoid this, try pouring some cola over the buildup, then use a soft auto glass towel to wipe away the buildup. You can also use a squeegee to wipe it away and remove some of that grime.

If you have chips or cracks on the glass, make sure you get them repaired from an auto glass professional like Becky's Glass Works as soon as possible. These cracks can get buildup inside that is not only hard to clean, but can cause more damage to the window.