Spruce Up Your Windows This Winter With New Window Dressings

If you are tired of how your windows look, and want to change things up a little bit, installing window trim is a great winter home improvement project. You don't have to go outside to do this project, and you can easily complete it on your own or hire a contractor for a few hours to install new window trim for you. New window trim will change how your windows look and will spruce up your house. 


  • Milter saw or hand saw
  • Jig saw
  • Sander
  • Sanding Paper
  • Pry Bar
  • Utility Knife
  • Pneumatic Nail Gun
  • Decorative Molding & Trim

Remove Old Window Apron, Stool 

The first thing you need to do is remove the old apron and stool from your window. The apron and stool are the wood located at the bottom of your window that stick out and form a little ledge under your window.Use your utility knife to go along the edge of your apron and stool, and cut the caulking that is holding it in place. Cutting the caulking will ensure that when you pull off the apron and stool, you don't also pull off your drywall as well.

Place the pry bar under the edge of your apron, and slowly work your way around the edge of the apron, loosening it as you go. You may want to use a block of wood as a shim to ensure that you don't damage the wall. Just place it between the pry bar and the wall to ensure that the wall doesn't get damaged as you work the pry bar back and forth.

Once it has been loosened, pull off the apron. Then repeat the process with the stool. Once again, the apron is the large piece of wood that is flat against the wall under your window and the stool is the piece under your window that sticks out and creates a lip.

Once both the stool and apron are removed, use your utility knife to scrap out any old caulking that is still present.

Measure Your New Stool

Don't throw away the apron and stool that you just pulled off yet. Use them to make sure that the one you purchased to replace it is the right size. Line the old stool board up with the new one, and after you make sure it is centered, trace the pattern from the old one onto the new one. 

Secure New Stool

Take the new stool and place it on your window ledge. Make sure that it is flat with a leveler. Then, use your nail gun to nail it into place.

Measure New Apron

Once again, if you liked the measurements of your old apron, you can use it as a guide to make sure that your new apron is the right size. Line it up, and trace the pattern of the old apron onto the new one. Use a jig saw to cut away any excess wood.

Take the new apron and place it underneath the new stool. Measure it and make sure that it is evenly lined up under your window. Once again, secure it in place with your nail gun.

Side Casing

Now you can install the side casings. The side casings go on the outside edge of your windows on the left and right side. They should extend from the stool all the way to the top of the opening of your window. Secure them in place with your nail gun.

Head Casing

Next, you are going to install the head casing. The head casing goes across the top of your window, and extends to the outer edges of your side casings. Measure from the outer edge of one side casing, across your window, to the other side casing to get the right measurement for your window. 

Once the head casing you purchased is cut down to the right size, nail it in place.

Crown Molding

Finally, if you want to make your windows look really nice, you can add some crown molding as well to your windows.

You can install crown molding with your nail gun at the very top of the head casing and around the side casing. 

Once everything is in place, you'll want to sand down any rough edges. Then, apply some primer and paint to really make your new window stool, apron, casing and molding really stand out. You can complete all your windows at once or work on one at a time over the course of this winter. When you are done, all your windows will look a little classier. 

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